Strength. Resiliency. Connection.

I believe people are inherently full of strength and resiliency, but sometimes we get stuck and we may need an assist, a compassionate witness, or just a soft place to land.

I warmly welcome all people from all walks of life and backgrounds, with no boundaries to race, religion, spirituality, sexuality, gender identity, or ability.

Do you find yourself in a relationship or work environment that doesn't meet your needs or validate your voice?
Are you feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, weighed down by depression, burdened by past traumas, or consumed with self-doubt?
Finding a balance between vulnerability and strength, and exploring where boundaries and expectations fall is a journey that sometimes requires a professional.

Hi, I'm Teri Cicurel, LCPC

My approach to therapy is compassionate, warm, curious, and open. I specialize in treating individuals and couples impacted by trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges. I aim to create a stabilizing, nurturing environment, where you can heal from trauma, develop new ways of coping, learn to better manage life stressors, regulate emotions, and improve confidence.

I recognize no two people are alike; I adapt my approach to meet your unique needs, goals, and experiences. I have specialized training in sexual assault and domestic violence, childhood trauma, emotional neglect, mindfulness, DBT, CBT, somatic (body-based) awareness, and EMDR.

How I Can Help