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Couples Counseling

Couples therapy is a valuable option for those experiencing communication challenges, constant arguments, feelings of growing apart, or more specific concerns. Having a neutral third party compassionately oriented to both partners allows couples to safely delve into their relationship dynamics, talk openly without judgment, and to both be heard and validated. 

I seek to unlock a space in which couples can build intimacy, learn effective ways to interact and communicate, and cultivate the tools needed to keep the relationship healthy and to achieve sustained change.

Areas of expertise:

  • conflict resolution
  • communication challenges
  • addiction related concerns
  • parenting stressors
  • open relationships and poly concerns
  • non-traditional families
  • infertility
  • financial stressors
  • infidelity
  • extended family
  • LGBTQIA+ relationships
  • trauma
  • emotional/sexual intimacy
  • life transitions
  • pre-marital counseling

If any of the above relate to your and your partner in your relationship, contact me today for a free consultation.